Located in northwest Africa, Morocco is a multicultural country with a population of approximately 33.3 million people. As a diverse country, there are many languages spoken, but the two official languages are Modern Standard Arabic and Amazigh (Berber). The majority of Moroccans speak the Moroccan dialect, Darija, or one of three Berber dialects – Tashelheit, Tamazight and Tarifit in their daily lives. Classical Arabic and French are considered to be languages of prestige, and French is also widely spoken by educated Moroccans. Spanish continues to be widely spoken in the north, and English is gaining ground as the second language choice of educated Moroccan youth.

Morocco sits beneath the Straight of Gibraltar, at the edge of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and stretches far into the Sahara, with Mauritania as its southern neighbor. Morocco’s capital city, Rabat, is located on the Atlantic coast.

In addition to its diverse population and unique geographic setting in relation to Europe and the rest of the African continent, Morocco is also home to stunning natural beauty and an amazing history and culture that can be witnessed in its monuments, traditions and street life.