Guidelines for Breakout Speakers

The following are the general presentation guidelines for potential presenters.  Sessions should be organized around at least one of Michel Rischard’s identified issues and an essential question about this issue.



Breakout sessions should include:

  1. Be between 35 – 45 minutes long.
  2. Be highly interactive and interspersed with a variety of hands-on activities that hold the interest of the audience. These can be used as transitions or introduced as part of each of the key elements of your presentation.
  3. Include all the key elements listed below, as this will give your presentation structure and provide for comprehensive coverage of your issue.
  4. Be well rehearsed so it becomes a model presentation.
  5. Use appropriate technology to support the message, answer the question, analyze solutions, and share actions.
  6. Interact and involve your audience via presentation software and other media. Please do not read from a script, as you will avoid making eye contact with your audience.
  7. Demonstrate competence, confidence, and mastery around the many issues linked to your global issue, and be research-based.
  8. Include striking and compelling visuals, lively discussions, practical activities, and effective use of media.
  9. Give their audience a handout that highlights in detail a specific activity /action they may use in their own schools.
  10. Be impressive and aim to be an outstanding reflection of your school’s commitment to global issues awareness.



Information on this page was adapted from the 2013 GIN Conference hosted by the International School of Quito.


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