Why Take Action


You have taken up your global citizenry and accepted the challenge of applying your passion; you are creating positive change through action!

Global Issues Network is made up of individuals from around the world with expertise and twogirlsposedforyounitypicsiteexperience that have lead us to this point. We want to support you in recognizing your strengths and challenges as individuals and as a group. We have found that to truly make a change you must be willing to stand by your convictions. To put your words into action. You have joined this network as leaders of today who are working together towards positive change and solutions. Yet, you cannot go it alone.

To make change you must realize that this is a joint effort, one that necessitates that you work with people in your direct community and around the world to empower and educate each other; to move forward together.


To realize our present and imagine our future, we must understand our past and act on our passion.





Step One

Start with what YOU know: Think about who YOU are


Step Two

Finding Your Joy: Joy is Powerful


Step Three

Finding Your Strength and Meaning: Resilience


Step Four

 Finding Power in What you Love and Taking On Challenges


PASSION FOUND: Moving Towards Action

Why Start a GIN Project?


Please take a minute to think about why you are here on this site. There may be several reasons for why you are looking at this page. The information below describes what it has meant for others to be involved in GIN and working on their own respective passions. We have also included words from Jean-Francois Rischard, the author of “High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them.” Rischard speaks about the present and future projections for the state of the world, and why taking up your global citizenry becomes so important to our shared successes and challenges.


Why Become Part of the Network?

Why Take Up Your Global Citizenry?