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Welcome to our GIN Youth Directed Programs

Our youth directors are looking for team members who are dedicated to empowering youth and creating worldwide impact as a leaders of a global community.

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GIN Creating Connections Program

GIN Global Ambassador Program

GIN Global Mentors Program

GIN Social Media Program


  • Must be 14 years of age or older.
    • Exceptions will be taken under consideration based on strong applicants. 
  • Must be able to dedicate 3-6 hours of their time every week to the program.
  • Must be a dedicated GIN Project leader or be able to show your experience as a community builder
    • All applicants will be required to share references
    • All applicants will be required to enlist a GIN Mentor

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Both interested students and educators are welcome!

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GIN Youth Director: Rodrigo Rose

Welcome to the Global Issues Network Creating Connections Program (CC) 

 Creating A Common Language and Context:

Creating and developing access to GIN Tools for and with our Global Network of Learners

Ongoing and evolving prototyping process to create relevant and effective GIN curriculum, materials and resources 

GIN Creating Connections Program (CC) Mission

We empower our global network to engage as collaborators, creators and co-developers of the GIN best practices necessary to build, organize and implement sustainable GIN culture and life-long learning through equitable empathetic action.

GIN Creating Connections Program (CC) Vision

A dedicated, self-sustainable GIN community that collaboratively works on and makes use of GIN resources in order to grow their impact on a local-global scale.

Background & Problem Statement

Our world today is faced with the problem of miscommunication and a lack of authentic interconnectedness between members of the global community. Our dampened drive to learn and practice empathetic action as trusting individuals, institutions, and a connected global community comes as a direct result of a lack of purposeful communication and the meaningful exchange of ideas; hampering our ability as collaborators to discuss and enact sustainable solutions to our shared global issues. We must work to generate ongoing empathetic dialogue and continuously share information in an ever-changing world to empower civic engagement within our systems of education. With an extremely large and diverse community, GIN is engaged with a network of schools across the planet to provide a means to empower and engage students as leaders of today and experienced changemakers of tomorrow. GIN emphasizes the importance of learning from and innovating sustainable models of change within our local-global systems. We ask our students to strive to empower themselves and their communities to act with empathetic, equitable, sustainable purpose. We ask our young global citizens to forfeit the concept of failure and replace this with a quest for knowledge that seeks to understand, test and innovate best practices for success on the long road to creating positive change and resilient changemakers. Hence, the cornerstone of the GIN Creating Connections (CC) Program is to provide GIN’s multicultural and expanding global community with comprehensive resources and materials that empower students, teachers and administrators to create positive change through empathetic action on a local-global scale.

The GIN CC Program was prototyped and piloted in 2016 within a GIN Global Ambassador Program course.  Initially the GIN CC GAP Course was focused on sharing GIN best practices and values as conference organizers and community builders. The program was expanded in early 2017 to include resources on all areas of GIN programming, including: projects, conferences, culture-building, and positive change through project-based empathetic action on a local-global scale. This youth led and designed program is structured into three spheres of influence, each responsible for different aspects of the development of GIN resources: education and learning, communication and design, and research and enGINeering. Each department is charged with ensuring that all students are empowered to explore their passion equally.  The CC Program manages and perfects resources through various lenses, and works collaboratively with the GIN community and other programs to ensure the most effective and widespread impact. In cooperation with the GIN Social Media Program, Global Mentors Program, and Global Ambassadors Program, the CC Team works to effectively engage GIN’s worldwide community by providing increased access to the ongoing collection and development of changemaking tools, materials and resources as a means to supporting our Network in championing global dialogue and action for a more just and sustainable world.

The CC Program Team Organization Chart:

What part of the team most interests you as a leader, learner and global citizen?



GIN Youth Director: Valeria Wu

Welcome to the Global Issues Network Global Ambassador Program (GAP)

Growing Our Local-Global Impact:

Empowering Young Changemakers to build a GIN culture of support and collaborative leadership through

GIN Projects & Leading Susainable GIN Schools

GAP Mission

The Council of GIN Ambassadors will promote global dialogue, leadership and action through collaboration; empowering students to develop sustainable, socially responsible solutions for their local-global community.

GAP Vision

Our vision is for students to embrace local-global issues as their own and develop sustainable solutions with the active support of advisors, peers and the broader GIN community.

Overview of the GAP

The GIN Global Ambassador Program, a youth-led branch of the Global Issues Network, was founded in 2015 and has worked with 80+ students, ages 14-18, from over 30 nationalities. The GIN Global Ambassadors are a team of community builders who value honorable leadership, global collaboration, lifelong-learning and service. Moreover, Global Ambassadors will seek to engage local action in partnership with local school communities in their region; recognizing that their school communities have a responsibility to act as epicenters and testing grounds for empathetic change and social justice. The GAP learning community intends to study and deliver honed understandings, tools, and models of effective local-global empathetic change that will strengthen community culture, learning, global dialogue, and action. The students who join the program are committed to personal growth and discovery as leaders of today. Global Ambassadors are dedicated to creating and developing a supportive global learning community and network of active changemakers. Global Ambassadors champion empathetic and equitable sustainability as they develop their community-centered GIN projects in order to create real and lasting impact.  Global Ambassadors understand that community centered change is a continuous learning process.

Two GAP Pathways

The youth-directed Global Ambassador Program is collaboratively created and designed with GIN Staff; for youth, by youth. We see the Global Ambassador Program as an evolving prototype for best practices.  During the GA course we ask for feedback from Global Ambassadors.  In response to the GA feedback, we have differentiated our programming and created two pathways that will address student needs. We are currently developing 2 GAP Pathways to strengthen leadership skills and grow impact:

GIN Project Building


GIN Sustainable Schools

The GAP Program Team Organization Chart:

What part of the team most interests you as a leader, learner and global citizen?



GIN Youth Director: Guilherme Grupenmacher

Welcome to the Global Issues Network Global Mentors Program


 Transgenerational Empowerment and Collaboration:

Changemakers learning and working together locallly, regionally and globally to grow and innovate

local-global soultions

GIN Global Mentor Program Mission

Potentialize, help and empower GIN Projects and leaders around the world through collaborative endeavors between all segments of the organization, propelling the  the resources, connections and opportunities that compose the GIN community to their full ability.

GIN Creating Connections Program (CC) Vision

An interconnected and self-empowered global community of expert and young changemakers working together to collaboratively examine local-global issue systems to build empathetic local-global solutions and growing their personal identity as active global citizens.

A Message From the GMP Youth Director

Dear GIN Global Community, We seek to foster intergenerational professional bonds that strengthen all stakeholders involved and foster global citizenship. Be it as a student participant, Leadership Team member or mentor, join us for a uniquely global experience! Feel free to reach out to be with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions about the program at Best Wishes, Guilherme Grupenmacher GIN-GMP Youth Director

We’re connecting the world.

The Global Mentors Program seeks to provide determined, engaged and passionate GIN students a unique opportunity to receive one-on-one mentorship from professionals who are working to address the same global issue(s) they’ve selected for their respective projects. The Global Mentor Program strives to create collaborative intergenerational partnerships that grow sustainable impact and a global culture of engaged global citizenry. We will guide the GIN student experience and understanding as community-centered leaders through the GIN Levels of Engagement and GIN best practices approaches within the mentorship experience. A GIN Mentor is someone who has experience working on one or more global issues effectively, like yourself, driven to share their passion, story and resources to guide students on their journey to creating change. We would hope to pair you with at least one student project focused on your field of action.  Students would look to you as a mentor in their process of developing their project for effective and sustainable community change. By connecting these mentors with talented students from around the world, we seek to increase the quality of GIN Projects to continually solve local-global issues in an international scale.

The GMP Program Team Organization Chart:

What part of the team most interests you as a leader, learner and global citizen?



GIN Youth Director: Rafaela Damasceno

Welcome to the Global Issues Network Social Media Program


We leverage the power of social media to

Grow Global Dialogue & Community-Centered Action as Engaged Global Citizens

GIN Mission

To empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally, in order to create project based solutions for our shared global issues. To recognize and nurture youth empowerment.

GIN Social Media Program (CC) Vision

The GIN Social Media Program will serve as a as a hub for GIN members to exchange findings, ideas, suggestions, challenges and successes for future initiatives.

The Social Media Program recognizes that GIN students face challenges in both creative and active stages of their GIN projects. We will answer this challenge by creating global access to successful tools, strategies and network members to address local-global issues. The program consists of a focus on three major areas of empowerment by social media: active participation, effective marketing, and the use of media. Corresponding to the three branches of the program, these areas will be taken up by the GIN Social Media Team, with the purpose of helping the GIN community by sharing examples, successes and challenges of project-based solutions. Students who choose to apply for the program will become a part of the GIN Social Media Team if they demonstrate deft understanding of the needs of the GIN community. It is essential these students identify as lifelong learners and global leaders dedicated to GIN community building GIN initiatives, that they recognize the power of social media as a means to collaboratively improve the efficacy of local-global GIN Projects, and, finally, commit to strengthening the Network.

The SMP Program Team Organization Chart:

What part of the team most interests you as a leader, learner and global citizen?