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Welcome to our GIN Youth Directed Global Ambassador Program (GAP)

Our GIN GAP Youth Directors are looking for team members who are dedicated to empowering youth and creating worldwide impact as a leaders of a global community.

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Both interested students and educators are welcome!


Welcome to the Global Issues Network

Global Ambassadors Program (GAP)

Growing Our Local-Global Impact:

Empowering Young Changemakers to build a GIN culture of support and collaborative leadership through

GIN Projects & Leading Sustainable GIN Schools



GAP Mission

To create meaningful impact in our shared local-global communities as a network of self-aware global citizens that develop authentic and sustainable GIN projects.

GAP Vision

As a passion-driven, empowered network of lifelong learners and changemakers, GIN Global Ambassadors commit to building collaborative, transgenerational, sustainable solutions in answer to our shared local-global issues.

GAP Team Process:

The Global Ambassadors Program Process will operate on a quarter system spanning two semesters. This means that we will create recommended deadlines to foster successful time management of individual and teamwork.

First Semester: Members of the GAP Team will prioritize testing and communicating their insights given their experience of the curriculum process through self-reflection, evaluation and materials feedback. The Youth Directors of the GAP Team will evaluate team progress and, if time permits, ask team members to co-develop GAP curriculum educational content, media, and design aspects, based on team feedback.

Second Semester: Global Ambassadors will have greater freedom to explore their talents and passions while continuing to test and provide feedback on the GAP curriculum. GA Team Members will continue to develop educational content, media, and design aspects of the GAP Curriculum in order to broaden access and encourage feedback from our global community.


The Global Issues Network emphasizes the importance of youth-led learning and innovation of sustainable models of change within our local-global systems. GIN provides a means to empower and engage students as leaders of today and experienced changemakers of tomorrow. The GIN Global Ambassadors Program (GAP), a youth-led branch of the Global Issues Network, was founded in 2015 and has worked with 90+ students, ages 14-18, from over 30 nationalities. The cornerstone of the GIN Global Ambassadors Program is to provide GIN’s multicultural and expanding global community with a team of student mentors who are dedicated to developing and providing access to comprehensive resources. These materials empower our network to create positive change through empathetic action on a local-global scale.

GIN’s Global Ambassadors Program was created to empower young, global citizens as community builders; dedicated to creating and developing a supportive global learning community and network of change-makers taking action as leaders of today.  

Our network nurtures and mobilizes transgenerational communities of global citizens to build a just and sustainable world.

It is in our SHARED best interest, to recognize and honor ALL of our stakeholders; to continue forward as a global team of active problem solvers. As a global community, it is imperative for us to understand that our shared global issues can no longer be left to future generations as unaddressed threats, but must be faced today with urgency. The Council of GIN Global Ambassadors is a strong youth-led branch of the Global Issues Network, an international team of community builders who value honorable leadership, global collaboration, lifelong learning, and empathetic service.

The GAP learning community intends to study and deliver honed understandings, tools and models of effective local-global empathetic change that will strengthen community culture, learning, global dialogue, and sustainable action.

As young change-makers, we understand our responsibility to prepare and build the skills we need to lead sustainable, empathetic change. As a network of engaged global citizens, we recognize the potential our school communities have to act as epicenters for nurturing collaborative learning and problem-solving to address our shared global issues both locally and globally.  As young leaders of today, we empower empathetic action and collaboration within our school community and beyond.

Dear Empowered Global Citizens & Student Leaders,

We are reaching out to you to invite you to join our 2019-2020 Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) Team!

The Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) is a Global Issues Network (GIN) student-led initiative that seeks to create meaningful impact in our shared local-global communities as a network of self-aware global citizens developing authentic and sustainable GIN Projects. Our GIN GAP process challenges students to build upon their self-identified strengths as leaders, learners, and educators, honing skills that engage empathetic design, systems thinking, team and project management, and much more.

Watch our GAP Team video to learn more about the GAP Team mission, commitments, and application process!

We are determined to build a team of innovative problem-solvers. We are looking for students who are dedicated to empowering empathetic action to solve our shared global issues and are driven to contribute their voice as co-developers of the GIN GAP curriculum.

As future program leaders and mentors, we ask our team to commit to understanding, experiencing and reiterating our GAP curriculum. This is done to ensure that we test and model best practices as both learners and educators. Upon completion of the GAP curriculum materials, GAP Team Members will then directly mentor GAP Students as regional leaders.

If you are interested in joining a global cohort of student changemakers and community leaders, we welcome you to apply HERE. The deadline for all application submissions is November 23rd, 2018.

Requirements: Consent & Support

Submission of the GAP Team application form, including responses to short answer questions that ask you to reflect on your past, present and future impact as a changemaker.

Submission of GAP Guardian & Mentor Consent Form to include:

Upon submission of your application, we will confirm with your legal guardian, GIN Mentor and school. Confirmation of consent and support are necessary to complete your application.

We can’t wait to learn and work with you! If you have any questions or would like further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,

Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) Youth Directors

GAP Team Outreach Materials: Please feel free to use the following to invite students from your school to join us.

GAP Team Promotional Video

GAP Strategic Plan Roadmap

GAP Team Process Overview

GAP Team Flyer: Link to Application & Website

GAP Team Application Form