Country Profile


 The Central American nation is the home to Pan-American School, close to the capital city of San José. With over four million inhabitants and citizens, Costa Rica is often labeled as a country of peace, happiness, and progress. Costa Rica is the only country in America and other regions, that does not have military forces, as these were abolished in 1948.

   As a society of constant transformation, obstacles are present in similar frequency and represent areas in which our country has yet to improve. Regarding sustainability, Costa Rica approved legislation in the past, that embraces an equilibrium with the environment through the founding of National Parks, Reserves, and the aim to become the first carbon-neutral nation by 2021.

    The country faces conflicts regarding migration, as Central America confronts a refugee crisis that affects the nations and that pursues the respect for human rights.

    Costa Rica is a country of diversity, peace, and coexistence. The territory is not limited to its scenic natural beauty but also possesses a variety of traditions in a culture that enriches the contrasting urban environments in the juxtaposition of the oldest of our values and those of a modern society.