GIN At Our School

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“United we stand, divided we fall” – Aesop

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In order to enforce the issue of togetherness and unity, in the name of the American School of Warsaw, we hosted our first conference in the first weekend of Deceber of 2018. From there on Maja and Julia started a GIN club that recruited its first club participants in the school’s annual Club’s and Activities Fair. 


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With schools traveling from various parts of the world, we are proud to say that the GINxASW was a great success. With the schools from Bali and Lima both joining this initiative, the multicultural spirit of the conference was celebrated while still important issues were addressed!

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GINxASW 2018

The first conference we got to discuss three projects: education for all in the refugee crisis and combatting climate change. With the conference opened by the talented ASW then-senior Giulia Blada playing the famous Polish Chopin on the piano, then followed by an intense and eye-opening MUN simulation by Lima, Bali’s presentation about dangers of climate change, and Warsaw’s project presentation about book-binding for the refugee center along with a book-binding activity. Apart from these interactive student-led initiatives, we had amazing keynote speakers like Ms. Janet Wallace and Jordan Hattar. 

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