What is G.I.N. ISP?

We all have ideas; it’s a given fact.  But what good will it do if those ideas carry on being ideas?

GIN ISP is all about altering the world by making it a better place through commitment and achievements of one’s ideas. In ISP we have a huge variation of projects including Green in Between, Walks and Talks, Read Me More, Abc’ing lives and Future Brighteners.

Because of our vast diversity in ISP, we often experience new cultures as well as witness new lifestyles amongst our school population. This well known fact is a tremendous advantage as it helps generate ideas in collaboration with liberal and percipient students as well as allowing us to participate in and perfect ongoing projects. Interestingly enough, GIN ISP started off with only a small group of 10 students, however, as days turned into weeks; and weeks turned into months; we started to flourish rapidly. Not only did this ensure us that we can work as a team, but it has also taught us that people are willing to help and contribute in our community.

By joining GIN and being a part of the GIN PTY, not only will you get to contribute in our community and become a part of the team, but you also get to make a difference. So join us. Because without trying out new ideas and making them happen, how would we ever change the world that we live in?

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