The International High School will be hosting a Global Issues Network conference on our campus in San Francisco, CA on November 6th, 2015.

Global Issues Network (GIN) is an organization that supports youth who are involved in local projects addressing the problems our world faces. GIN was inspired by Jean-François Rischard’s book High Noon: Twenty Global Problems, Twenty Years to Solve Them (2002). Rischard’s book underscores the urgency for immediate action. Global Issues Network conferences provide a forum in which students can share their passion for solving global issues with people in their community and beyond. These conferences empower all attending students who are involved in addressing global issues. Inspired by their community, students participate in local partnerships. Each year, GIN brings together students, teachers, experts, NGOs, and representatives from educational organizations. During the conference, participants present, teach and spread the word about global issues and the innovative actions they take to create sustainable change.

More than 500 schools around the world have joined the movement. We are excited to become a part of Global Issues Network. We invite you to join us in making a difference by sharing your project at our conference!


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