Welcome to the 2018 GIN Brazil Conference website!

A Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference brings together global citizens who are addressing local-global issues within local-global systems with empathetic and equitable sustainable solutions. Students in middle and high school from more than 100 nations on 5 continents have presented their GIN projects at both local and regional Global Issues Network Conferences hosted by schools around the world. Regional and local conferences are growing as student leaders respond to their “Call to Action!”

Dear ISC’s GIN Conference Participants,

On behalf of the Global Issues Network, Ashley and I are honored and pleased to be part of International School of Curitiba’s  school community, working together we are hosting this student-led GIN Conference.  We are celebrating the long term commitment of our four GINterns, Rodrigo Rose, Guilherme Grupenmacher, Rafaela Damasceno, and Valeria Wu who have been working closely with us for years creating the materials with Ashley that we are using in our conference.  Together we created ISC ‘s leadership team who have worked long and hard for many months on the planning “our”conference  This conference is very special and unique for many reasons.  Every effort has been made to reduce the carbon footprint of this conference.  Many innovative ideas and activities have been created just for this event.  We look forward to you sharing your ideas and suggestions after you have a chance to work with and learn from our many student/mentor-authored materials.   We value your thoughts!  Each shared initiative will impact our future for the better by lowering our combined carbon footprint. We sincerely want to thank you for joining us and giving us the feedback that will help us grow.

Being an empathetic and engaged participant will change your life!



Linda Sills

Global Issues Network

Executive Director