Curitiba is a city located in the Brazilian state of Paraná with a population of around 2 million. This city is especially well known for its sustainable urban planning efforts. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, through the leadership of Mayor Jaime Lerner, Curitiba became the world’s Greenest City of the World (2014). Curitiba is lauded for having one of the world’s highest Green Areas Per Capita, at 52 sq.m. Curitiba is renowned for its parks and green spaces, public transportation, cultural values rooted in sustainability and broad access to ecological education. The trash collecting system, recycling plants, and bus transportation innovations were some of the main reasons why the city gained its status.


Places to go

Jardim Botanico:

A beautiful park which has a variety of plants which make it an amazing place to pass the afternoon or gaze at nature. The most prominent object in the park is its beautiful Green House structure that is very well known by travelers when they think of the city.

Parque Barigui:

One of the largest parks in the city with a long path that allows for people to walk and enjoy the weather when its good. The park was built, like many others parks around, to allow for an ecofriendly water dranage system for the city to control the amount of rainfall.

Wire Opera House:

This is one of the most iconic locations in the city due to the structure itself. The Wire Opera House, as well as the Pedreira Paulo Leminski, which is located right next to the Wire Opera House, was built due to what used to be an excavation site. The acustics of the locations  is what led to  shows being perfomed there.