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Welcome to the Global Issues Network (GIN) website for the March 19, 2014 conference at Rutland High School.  The purpose of this website is to help attendees find information about the conference, register, and submit proposals to present.


There have been GIN Conferences all over the world.  We are lucky enough to host the second one in Vermont.  It is one of the few GIN Conferences in the United States this year.

We would like to thank the Vermont Global Issues Network for encouraging us to host this conference.  If you want to know more about the Vermont Global Issues Network, please see their website.


This conference is co-sponsored by the Vermont Council on World Affairs (VCWA). VCWA brings speakers from around the world and our own backyard to speak on global issues.  They host hundreds of visitors and sessions.  To learn more about VCWA, see their website.


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