Global Villages

During the GIN conference, students will break into small global village groups. Each group will consist of about 10 to 15 student members.  The objective is to build good relationships, so that they may continue to collaborate even after the conference is finished. Global Village groups will be meeting two times during the conference.


During global village meetings, the groups will:

  1. Perform ice breaking and team building activities

  2. Discuss ideas presented by keynote speakers

  3. Develop a simple action plan to address a global issues.  The groups shall post their action plan on this website to start an idea bank for future projects

Global Village Groups can enter their action plans here.  These action plans will be shared with the conference attendees.

350VT – 350VT is the Vermont chapter of the international movement.  Founded by Middlebury professor Bill McKibben, this group is dedicated to fostering bold grassroots change in Vermont and across the world to solve climate change.  One of the main areas of focus for 350VT is fossil fuel divestment.


Here are some sample Action Plans from the global villages at the 2013 GIN Conference hosted by the International School of Quito.  Their website also provided the description of the global village session above.


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