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Co-Chairs of the GIN Conference

Marsha Cassel (

Jen Kravitz (


The following people are the key organizers:

Planning Committee

Cathy Archer

Taborri Bruhl

Marsha Cassel

Emily Gilmore

Jen Kravitz

Cindy Murray

Bill Olsen

Steve Sampson

Ellada Siliski

Erica Wallstrom

Laurie Wilson


Global Village Leaders

Meaghan Apjohn and the Rutland High School Green Mountain Teen Institute members


Technology Team

Laurie Wilson

Patricia Aigner

And many others


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  1. Rutland Area Climate Coalition says:

    Would love to find out more info on this event! We are a fairly new group in the Rutland Area made up of concerned citizens who are willing to take the lead on climate related issues in our area, VT and beyond!

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