GIN Registration is Open!

Please follow all 9 steps to successfully complete the GIN Registration

If you have any questions please contact us at

Registration Fee – $206 for BOTH students and advisors

The registration fee INCLUDES all conference activities and meals

Registration Deadline: February 5, 2020

Local schools (schools inside city of Medellin) please contact:

Each school may send up to five teams of students, from grades 7-12, and each team may be comprised of 2 to 6 students.  At least TWO advisors must accompany each school’s students regardless of the number of student participants.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Steps for Registration

1. CLIK HERE to Complete the GIN Conference Registration Form

After you send this form, you will be given the choice to “edit your responses,” You must click on “edit your responses,” then bookmark the page for later use. Alternatively, you can also copy and save the address in the browser address bar. To submit information at different times, be sure to go through the whole registration form until you are able to press submit.

The responses to this form are resumable and editable. If you wish to register students and advisors first, then enter their workshop presentation information at a later time, you may do so. To submit information at different times, be sure to go through the whole registration form until you are able to press submit. Once you press submit, you will be taken to a submission page that will hold a link to your form submission. Copy this link and put it somewhere safe so that you can return to the same saved form and complete your registration form. Please be sure to submit all the information by the deadline.

We want steps 1-13 as soon as possible. Therefore, this should be your first submission. To submit steps 1-13 the rest of the form does not have to be complete. After submitting this part, you can continue to submit the rest of the information. Additionally, you have time until February 20, 2020.

Come prepared with all of the following information

  1. School Name
  2. Host Country
  3. Pre Conference/ Post Conference Programming
  4. Full Name of Person Completing Registration
  5. Person Completing Registration Email Contact
  6. Full Name of a Finance Officer at your school
  7. Contact of a Finance Officer at your school
  8. Full Name of Emergency Contact
  9. Emergency Contacts
  10. Full Names of GIN Advisors
  11. Contacts for All GIN Advisors (Email)
  12. Total number of attendees from your school
  13. Total number of teams
  14. Student dietary, medical and accessibility needs
  15. Flight Arrival and Departure Information
  16. Finalized confirmation from hotel for reservations
  17. Student GIN Project Team Information:
  18. Team #, Global Issues & Name
  19. Full Name of All Students of Team #
  20. Corresponding Email for all Students on Team #
  21. Grade Level
  22. Workshop Title
  23. GIN Project Global Issue
  24. GIN Project Essential Question
  25. GIN Project Impact Statement
  26. GIN Project Description
  27. Plan for Sustainability
  28. Workshop Lesson Plan
  29. Workshop Presentation Video: Film your Workshop Presentation, upload and submit shared youtube link
  30. Film Festival Submission: Film Festival Youtube URL
  31. Would your team or a student from your school like to apply to keynote?
  32. If yes, please submit your: message, description of the project, and why you think your message would empower the whole GIN Conference audience.

2. CLICK HERE to book your Hotel reservations

  • HOTEL costs will be paid by each school directly to the hotel and are NOT covered by the conference fee.
  • CLICK HERE to visit Hotel Four Points By Sheraton Medellin
  • CLICK HERE to visit Hotel Hampton Inn By Hilton Medellin
  • Please CLICK HERE to find HOTEL Reservation Form, contact information, and rates. Make a copy, add your information, and send this form to the hotel contact directly.
  • Please CC TCS so that we may support you:
  • All hotel bookings must be done through the Over Travel Travel Agency
  • Out point person at the Travel Agency is Melissa Patino
  • Tel: +57 4 4488365
  • Hotel registration deadline: January 15, 2019
  • Please reserve your hotel rooms as soon as possible.

3. We Will Reserve & Organize Your Airport and Daily Transportation

  • All transportation is booked through the travel agency. 
  • Transportation to and from the airport is included in the hotel fee. 
  • The contact is the same as the one for the hotels. 
  • Out point person at the Travel Agency is Melissa Patino
  • Tel: +57 4 4488365
  • Transportation deadline: January 15, 2019


  • Please double check visa requirement given the nationalities of your participating students and educators. Please double check and follow your host country’s requirements and deadlines for visas.
  • Please make sure that all participants have a blank page in their passport. You will be issued a tourist visa upon arrival as part of the Colombian  immigration process.

5. Traveling with Minors: Legal Guardian/Parental Consent Form

  • Please check with local immigration authorities about specific requirements. Minors may necessitate parent permission to travel. Some requirements may include a parent permission from a notary, copy of birth certificate, proof of return flight, travel dates, hotel info, event info, and advisor information. Again, please check and come prepared with any and all of the above as needed.

6. Vaccines

  • Please check and follow your host country’s vaccine requirements for all student and educator participants.

7. Book Your Expeditions & Adventures in Colombia

  • Visit our Colombia Expeditions, Adventures & Tours tab to learn more about all of the opportunities you and your teams may take up during your stay in Colombia!

8. Dress Code

  • Business Casual/ Easy and comfortable movement
  • Ex: Comfortable and supportive shoes, jeans/comfortable slacks/easy to move in dresses/skirts, t-shirt/collared shirts
  • Please no: holes, rips, inappropriate words or images, or hard to move in clothes.

9. Code of Conduct

  • We are here to exchange and innovate solutions to complex problems. Come prepared to collaborate with empathy and work hard!
  • Substance abuse will not be tolerated- zero tolerance policy
  • Disrespect, discrimination and bullying will not be tolerated- zero tolerance policy
  • Students and advisors need their sleep, you will be asked to respect each other and take care of yourself by adhering to the set curfew.
  • No visiting with each other in sleeping areas/rooms. Students will be expected to meet and visit after conference hours in public and common areas with advisor chaperones present.
  • Students Who Break Code of Conduct: Please be aware
  • Students and parents must be made aware that if students are found breaking the code of conduct, they will be asked to leave the conference and may be asked to fly home early with an advisor chaperone. The student’s family will be responsible for the extra costs.

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