GIN Onsite Student Coordinator

Responsible for supporting their team of student leaders and educator advisors through the course of the conference organizing process. Their leadership is instrumental in creating a cohesive team and an education experience with lasting impact. The student coordinator empowers their team to meet the three overarching goals of a GIN Conference in line with GIN Projects:

Build a team

Make our work sustainable

Make real impact

Logistics Coordinator

Ensures that the transgenerational team of students, educators and local businesses work together to create a well organized and conscientious learning experience.

Committee Student Coordinators

This is core student leadership team who hold the responsibilities of the following conference areas:

Conference Budget and Registration


Social Media Journalism (Conference Documentation) and IT Support of Presenters

Budget Fundraising Team

The Budget team holds the very important responsibility of capturing all costs and expenses for the conference to create a zero-sum budget that includes and supports the ISC Community in keeping both the carbon and cost as low as possible for both the school and incoming GIN participants. They are charged with organizing and teaching the GIN Committee Leadership Team to create committee budgets that are then gathered to set the registration fee.

Website Webmaster

The GIN Conference Webmaster works to ensure that the website and all of its components are easily accessible for all that go to the site. The Webmaster is tasked with curating all media documentation of both local and regional action that is showcased within the conference experience. To do this the Webmaster understands their responsibility to clearly present all the information with simple to understand and navigate user experience and interface.

Social Media Journalism (Conference Documentation) and IT Support of Presenters

The Social Media Journalism team will champion the voice and spirit of the conference through the capture and curation of media events and participant insight. This committee works in collaboration with the Webmaster.

Global Village Leaders

Global Village Leaders will work to build lasting bonds between all participants while supporting students in reflecting and developing their projects in alignment with GIN Best practices.


Ambassadors are charged with keeping the momentum of the conference with the management of time, space, and support of all participants.

Global Action and Artisan Fair

This is an opportunity for both the ISC School Community and the GIN participants to understand both local issues and the solution oriented models of change that organizations have taken up in the city, country or region. Local artisans are invited who are passionate about their community and use sustainable materials to create their work. This committee invites local organizers, organizations, and artisans to share their stories and their skills.


Organizers and artisans are asked to lead skill based workshops that share successful community-centered and sustainable methods and strategies. These activities empower students as communicators and develop an understanding of the importance of civic engagement through human expression (art) and action.

Carbon Team

The Carbon Team is tasked with teaching all participants the importance of understanding the issues that cause and effect Climate Change and the potential solutions that stop and reverse Climate Change. They are also charged with calculating and offsetting the carbon emissions of the conference event. The Carbon Team has developed a student led carbon offset initiative to engage their school community on their campus.

Food Justice

The Food Justice Committee works to understand the local and global issues and solutions that cause and effect the creation and access to food while highlighting the importance of our daily decisions. They have worked hard to partner with local farmers to create a vegetarian and locavore menu in alignment with supporting local business and low carbon conscientious daily living. This group also has the objective of trying to show sustainable practices on food consumption and production for people’s everyday lives. They also are willing to try and empower people to change their attitudes towards how they consume food. To try and get to this objective, they will be showing off actions that can be taken during the meals that are going to be served.

Arts & Entertainment

The Arts and Entertainment Committee share local culture and the power of art and human expression.


Keynote speakers are chosen based on their importance in the region, be it people’s lives, the political sphere or their impact towards planning and making ecological changes to an area.

Conference Learning Experience

The GIN Conference Schedule supports and empowers a lasting and impactful learning experience. This committee will ensure that we have a schedule and that the programing allows for easy operations and flow for everyone. The Conference learning experience is tailored to meet both the needs of participants and challenge GIN Teams to: build an inclusive community team, make their work sustainable, and create real impact. This committee has worked hard to make sure that everything is clearly communicated to ensure that best student-led learning experience for all participants (ISC Organizers and incoming GIN Project Team Participants alike).