Cancelled Sessions

We greatly appreciate all of our presenters and their willingness to contribute to our conference. We hope to see you in the future.

Thank you!

Soup Bowls for Hunger- Stefanie DeSimone

In this hands-on session, participants will work with a professional ceramics teacher and craft bowls for a social cause. They will be used in next years Soup Bowls for Hunger.

FIRST Robotics Competition- Dan Roswell and IBOTS

A demonstration of the 2020 robot that was designed, built and taken to competition.

Make Your Own Light-Up Card- Detlef Hagge

This is a hands-on session, participants will make their own light-up card using simple paper circuits.

Disability: Accessibility, Awareness, Advocacy workshop- Glenn Reed, VCIL

Journey East Production Jessa Rowan

The 2020 Journey East Production explores a visionless world where color does not exist and all humans are controlled like marionettes. When chaos ensues, the puppets free themselves, cut their strings and find their own sense of humanness which allows them to see color around them. This production, fueled by movement and music, circus and clowning, brings laughter and deep meaning to the stage in a way that crosses cultures and languages.   

Disabilities Awareness SimulationARC Rutland, Ross Almo

Join us in participating in a hands on simulation that explores the challenges people with disabilities face on a daily basis. 

Identifying Your Strengths & Build RHS’s Garden of Greatness- 4H Vermont Teen Pathways Cafe

“To do good things in the world, first you must know who you are ….” Most people have a hard time saying what they are good at (strengths) but have no problem saying what they are bad at (weaknesses). But did you know that your weaknesses might actually be strengths? You may just not know what they are. Learn how to identify your strengths and how to use them to take action! Participants will each make a flower of their individual strengths to help build the RHS’s Garden of Greatness!

Lauren Traister is a youth leadership specialist with the UVM Extension 4-H Program. She is passionate about helping young people develop critical life skills by connecting them to real-world experiences. Some of the programs she oversees are Teens Reaching Youth (TRY) for Environment, VTeen 4-H Science Pathway Cafes, Natural Resources Management Academy, Summer of Science, VTeen Leadership Weekend and many more.

Here’s How We Fix It! Solving the World’s Sustainability Problems – Tabori Bruhl

The world faces a huge number of environmental problems—climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, and pollution, just to name a few. The good news is that the technology already exists, today, for many of these problems to be solved. Join Tabori as he outlines what future systems and lifestyles might look like and how they might function, and how we will be able to transition from where we are today to where we will need to be tomorrow. His presentation will include a discussion of how basic economic principles inform our understanding of future economic systems, as well as video clips of places where some of these technologies and ideas have already been put into practice.


The Exciting Future of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are amazing! Many are available today, and each year their capabilities just keep growing. But more importantly, in the future, the entire transportation system will revolve around electric vehicles, and this will play a critical role in how humans will be able to live sustainably on the planet. Tabori Bruhl is an owner of two electric vehicles, and he is knowledgeable about electrical grids and sustainability issues—join him as he discusses how these three seemingly-unrelated things will all come together in the future to play a huge role in all of our lives. The presentation will include videos of electric vehicle manufacturing and performance today (come see clips of a Tesla P85-D in “Ludicrous” mode!).

Tabori Bruhl lives in rural New Haven, Vermont, with his wife, three children, and two dogs in a net-zero house powered by solar and wind. Tabori is a former Marine Corps officer and holds a bachelor’s degree in history and journalism from Texas A&M University and a master’s degree in history from California State University. He teaches history, economics, and government at the high school level, and is on the board of directors for the Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op in Addison County, VT.

Make a Light-Up Card- Detlef Hagge

This is a hands-on session, participants will make their own light-up card using simple paper circuits.

White Fragility- New Neighbors

“Our largely segregated society is set up to insulate Whites from racial discomfort so that they fall to pieces at the first application of stress.” (from Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility) Are you White? Does talking about White privilege make you feel uncomfortable? Let’s talk about that.

Disability: Accessibility, Awareness, Advocacy workshop- Glenn Reed, VCIL

Vermont Adaptive: Sports for Every BodyTom Alcorn, VT Adaptive

INKclusivity: Writing to Explore What Connects Us

How can we use our imaginations to experience life in another person’s “shoes”? This session will involve low-stress creative writing activities that will invite participants to explore others’ perspectives and experiences. Students who sign up need to be willing to write creatively and participate respectfully in a space where expression is encouraged.

Why the Life of the NAACP and the Civil Rights Movement Should Matter to YouMickie and Neil Richardson

Come join us to examine the civil rights movement and increase your understanding of how deeply it is ingrained in the history of the United States.  You will see that this history clearly demonstrates how it is still a major issue in our everyday American life.