Implicit Bias Training- Bor Yang

The Implicit Bias Training explores how we unconsciously attribute certain qualities to members of a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.  We discuss how these associations are formed, the impact they have on our behavior, and how we unconsciously evaluate others despite our best intentions.  The training challenges us to be introspective, consider our own biases and ways we can consciously and effectively challenge these biases through practice and mindfulness. Click here to register for the live webinar! 

Community Event!

Rutland High presents, “Roses Are Red, Violets are Velvet” a one act play which looks at the issue of inclusion was devised by the cast, technical director David Lane, and director Cathy Archer in response to the ever changing views of who fits in and who does not. In a world that is becoming ever more divisive, director Cathy Archer wanted to create a play that would explore various ways that people are excluded and how this exclusion can be overcome. The students started with a blank slate exploring different kinds of exclusion, ultimately choosing LGBTQ as the focus of the exclusion/inclusion. The next step was to find a framework for the play. A fairy tale was chosen to tell the story of a character who is an outsider. Challenged by our technical director, David Lane, we placed the original story in the 1920’s fashion world. This allowed us to explore other aspects of exclusion. Click here for Rutland High’s last rehearsal of Roses are Red, or click here for the encore’s discussion on the piece.

Gun Control: Combating a Major Issue- Giovanni Falco

This RHS student capstone presentation deals with current and historic laws in place to prevent gun violence in the United States. During the presentation, we will examine who is affected by gun violence, what other countries are doing, how law enforcement agencies are combating the problem and what we, as citizens, can do next. People all over the United States and the world are affected by gun violence and our society needs to take steps to make our towns, cities, and states safer for everyone. Click here!

Performing Arts in Public Education- Caitlin Hawkins

This presentation is about the broad range of benefits from the performing arts as part of public education and exploring why they may be underfunded in some schools. Click here!

Composting- 350 Rutland County

Click here 350 Rutland’s full presentation!

Life Extension Technology- Hunter Postemski

Could we live forever? Should we live forever? Explore these questions and more at this presentation. Click here!

Profit with a Purpose- Rosanna Hyde

As Henry Ford once said, “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Join in exploring the commitment thousands of companies have made towards worldwide sustainability and social impact. Click here for the presentation, click here for the action plan!

The Autism Spectrum- Maya Sobel

Autism is becoming an increasingly common disorder, but do we really understand what it is? In this presentation, Maya Sobel will be analyzing Autism through its entire spectrum and discussing how to include and understand people with special needs. Click here!

Roots of Hate- Trevor MacKay

We live in a world of hate. It sometimes seems that every day we see a headline about the latest incident of hatred, whether it be a politician’s words or another mass shooting. Much time is spent discussing hate crimes and hate speech legislation, but little is done to understand the actual roots of hate. What causes people and groups to behave in this way? This presentation will focus on the evolutionary, neurological, and cultural origins of hate. Click here!

Non- Violent Action Taking- Lexy Corey

I’ll be explaining what Non-Violent action taking is, and showing why it was effective by using historical figures and current events

School Shootings- Kathleen Sunderland

I’ll be explaining what Non-Violent action taking is, and showing why it was effective by using historical figures and current events

I will be sharing information about past and current violent events within schools nation-wide. The presentation also includes information about what causes a student to become violent, how schools combat it, and ways to prevent violence in schools. I will touch on other factors which are current in teen lives today such as mental health, family situations, and gun access. Click here!

OCD- Dylan Roussel

Unpacking  the complex and misunderstood term of OCD. Frequently the term OCD is tossed around in casual conversation with little understanding of how challenging the clinical symptoms can be.  Click here!

The Role of Narcan in the Opioid Epidemic- Crystal Han

The United States has soaring numbers of opioid-related deaths. One of the main problems is inefficient immediate response and lack of follow-up care. Narcan, as an opioid antagonist, has been promoted to communities as a life-saving agent in the event of an emergency. Learn about the role of Narcan and how it can save lives. Click here!

Inside the Mind of a School Shooter- Cecily McCormack

What are some of the social, emotional, physical, situational, and psychological factors that might predispose someone to become a school shooter? Click here!

Music Manipulation- Julia Greenfield

Have you ever noticed yourself driving quickly while listening to an upbeat melody on the radio? Have you ever wondered how certain music is selected to be played in shopping environments? How does music manipulate and affect the human brain? Usually, the word manipulation has an extremely negative connotation, but in this case, the music quite simply manipulates the brain to react differently in both positive and negative ways. Globally, the knowledge of music’s impact on the brain has aided various health professionals in utilizing music therapy to combat diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, individuals around the world are impacted by the persuasive nature of music as consumers and film-viewers. All people should be aware of the manipulative powers of music, as it holds the ability to alter our decision-making processes, our emotions, and our health. Through psychological experiments and sound demonstrations, you will learn about the parts of the human brain in relation to music in this Capstone presentation. Click here!

The End of Recycling- Senan Pol

As the population of the Earth has increased, and waste has accumulated, recycling will no longer benefit us in the way it once did. We are at the end of recycling. To better understand this increasingly complex issue and to explore what can be done to mitigate the recycling crisis before it is too late, attend the presentation. Click here!

What are the Dangers of Genetic Engineering?- Alexander Stute

This presentation will cover what genetic engineering is, and what the future could look like if it became more advanced. It will talk about possible negative impacts of genetic engineering on our future and what can result by looking at what has happened in the past regarding Eugenics. Concerns such as the debate between medical treatment and enhancement, the possible resurgence of Eugenics, and how little we currently know about the technology will be discussed. In the end, the presentation will look at possible solutions to these problems in order to make sure that society does not become destroyed through its own advancements. Click here!

Climate Change in Vermont- Lea Zmurko

What does our Changing Climate mean for Vermont? How will we be challenged? How will we prevail? Find out at this RHS Capstone Presentation. Click here!

Genetic Intervention in Cancer Cells- Matthew Creed

Technology has forever changed the world of medicine, and almost all for the better. In this presentation, Matt Creed will explore how technological advances in medicine have allowed for a whole new realm of potential cancer treatments to be developed and explored. Ranging from the well-known CRISPR Gene Editing Technology to the currently-being-developed Casilio Technology, Matt will explore how we are now able to intervene in the spread of cancer cells better than ever before. Click here!

The Impact Manufacturers Could Have on Climate Change- Leslie Novak

In a constantly evolving world where the manufacturing industry is growing every day, the looming threat of climate change is also growing. Large manufacturers are some of the greatest contributors to climate change, so we need to encourage them to switch to renewable energy sources like solar power, or wind energy before the effects of climate change become irreversible. Click here!

Science and Ethics of Organ Donation- Jillian Conway

Learn about the process of organ donation, the science and ethics, and how doctors must work together to save the lives of those with failing organs. Click here!

The Ethicallity of Gender Selection- Caroline Coloutti

In this presentation, we will talk about whether gender selection is ethical or not and read some doctors and real-life patients opinions on this topic. We will cover how expensive this can be and all the different methods of gender selection in Fetuses. Click here!

The Value of Coral Reefs- Megan O’Connor

As climate change continues to alter our world, coral reefs have become one of the most vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. Whether it is the warming temperatures, the constant attention from tourists or the accumulation of human-made waste, reefs are in danger of disappearing forever. What we don’t often realize is how much a stationary, underwater organism can affect us humans as well as the environment. Without this realization, we risk losing one of the Earth’s most vibrant sources of life and beauty. So what do corals actually do for us, and why should we care at all? Click here!

The Prison System: What’s wrong and how to fix it- Emma Pliz

This capstone aims to discuss the American Prison System. This includes a general overview, as well as a detailed explanation of the successes and shortcomings of said system. The prison industrial complex and how American politics affects the system are only some of the problems that will be touched upon. Click here!

The Rise in Human Population- Stefanie Allen

The human population is increasing rapidly and with this arises new problems. In my presentation, we will be exploring three main questions. What are the main negative effects of an increased population? Will there be enough resources for everyone? How can we solve this problem? Click here!

Computer Malware: What is it and How to Defend Against it- Zakaria Arshad

With our ever growing dependence on technological advances we are more and more vulnerable on personal, municipal and national level. Click here!

Minor Pay for Minor Leaguers- Sean Olsen

Why must the players that feed the pipeline to our “national pastime” be compensated at poverty line wages? Click here!

Do Electronic Vehicles Really Reduce our Carbon Footprint?- Eren Cetin

This session will give you a history and a side-by-side comparison of internal combustion and electric vehicles. Click here!

Quantum Computing- Andrew Chacon

This session touches on what quantum computing is and how it might hold solutions for solving our complex problems. Click here!

The Ethics of Assisted Suicide- Phoebe Wood

This session examines the controversial topic of the right to die if suffering from a terminal or debilitating disease and follows that history and regulations surrounding the issue. Click here!

Family Planning- Haley Lassen

This session offers a thoughtful retrospective and perspective about this controversial topic, which touches on politics, women’s health, economics, cultural and religious traditions and planetary resources.  Click here!

The Financial Issue Behind Diabetes- Mariah Crossman

This session outlines and advocates for reducing the staggering cost of treating and managing Diabetes in the US. Click here!

Carbon Footprint- Michelle Wu

Join this session to learn how your choices of transportation increase or reduce your carbon footprint. Click here!

The Right to Privacy- Jack Wallace

How does the Bill Of Rights guide us in the age of Big Data? Click here!

Racism in American and in VermontJohn Foley

Yes, there are plenty of historical and current examples here in Vermont. Click here!

Radio Waves- Kael Kyser

Check out this session to find out more about the radio waves that are in so many of our devices. Click here!

Should We Change the How we View Traumatic Brain Injuries?Megan Smith

Don’t rush the healing process of head and brain injuries. View this session to learn why. Click here!

The Benefits of Sports Participation- Owen Perry

Discover the positive cardiovascular, pulmonary, muscular-skeletal effects of playing sports as well as the academic and social-emotional results. Click here!

Forensic Science Affect on Public- Ryan McLaughlin

DNA and its application to forensic science and the justice system. Join this session to better understand the  ethical dilemmas and privacy issues that present as unintended consequences of our advancements in technology. Click here!

Renewable Energy- Finn McGuiness

Explore the advantages and types of renewable energy sources in our to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Click here!

Inside the Mind of a ProcrastinatorEthan Schmitt

Drop into this session to discover the nuances of procrastination such as the difference between active and passive procrastination. Click here!

Cyber crime- Ashleah Adams

Cyber crime and what you should know as a consumer of the internet. Click here!

Is Testing on Animals Ethical?- Alex Ritter

This session examines the practice of conducting medical and product safety testing on animals and poses the question of whether the benefits outweigh the moral burden of doing so.  Warning: some images may be disturbing Click here!

Immigration: legal and illegal- Agata Menconi

Family separation; threat of deportation; lay paying jobs: Is the dream worth the cost?

The Effects of Social Media- Shelly Sobel

How does social media positively and negatively affect the mental health of generation “Z” and therefore the general well-being of us all? Click here!

Discipline in Elementary school- Joe Lafarge

A reflection on an on-site practicum/ PLACE internship. Click here!

Alcoholism and its Effect on Families”  Sydney Erikson-Marotti

This sensitive session explains the physical, emotional and economic results of alcoholism and offers suggestions for how families might find help. Click here!