Meet the Team

Sofía Pérez

Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) I will have the responsibility of supervising the progress of each of the different committees. It is my task to provide support and advise each department and to follow the timeline established. I will also be ensuring that everyone is doing his/her assigned task correctly. Furthermore, my responsibilities are not definite; new tasks will appear while the conference is being organized. I promise to the best of my abilities to distribute work equitably and to work diligently throughout the organization of this conference.

Fabiana Rojas

Head of Logistics

The logistics team will be in charge on making this conference unforgettable. We will organize everything regarding logistics such as hotels, classes, distribution, among other aspects. This will also be made up of art and music teams which will empower Costa Rican traditions and cultures that we can show the people that attend to this GIN Conference. We will also organize the keynote speakers that we hope that it will motivate both our teams and the students. Basically this team, specifically Sofia and myself, will be in charge that every logistics detail can be accomplished so the conference can be functioning perfectly.

Julian Homberger

Head of Finances

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the GIN conference 2018, I will be in charge of creating everything relating to budget before and during the conference. The CFO has one of the most important roles in the conference since it its role would determine how much money would be invested in the conference. As the CFO I would be trying to be do the most economic budget to cover all the needs of the conference. This budget would include the hotels, food, t-shirts, decorations, website, technology, among other aspects.

Daniel Rodriguez

Head of Technology

As Head of Technology, my major role is to control the audiovisual area of the entire conference. I will be in charge of live streaming conferences to make them accessible for everyone that cannot assist the event, checking sound and video systems, providing help for technical issues, and most importantly, to guarantee internet accessibility to all participants, guests, and staff attending the conference. Additionally, I will be constantly working with the Head of Marketing and the Head of Networking and managing all of our social media platforms, among other online information sources.

Valeria Vargas

Head of Marketing

As Head of Marketing, my main role will be to work as the creator director for the whole conference. Next to my team, our major goal is to create the design of the digital media which will be either published or printed. I will control the Facebook page, where all the information about the conference will be updated and published when necessary. We intend to maintain the GIN community informed about all the important details for the conference. We will make marketing one of the strongest areas of the conference. We are ready to work effectively, with the intention of making this conference a success.

Francheska Guerrero

Global Villages Ambassador

As the Global Villages Ambassador my role is to coordinate the group of volunteers that will participate as group leaders during the conference. These young leaders will be in charge of assisting the participants and speakers throughout the event. In addition, I am in charge of planning different activities that will be held during the Global Village sessions and any recreational activities. Together we will make our best effort so that all participants have a great experience and the conference runs smoothly.