What are GANGs?

Students will be split into GANGs (Global Action Network Groups) according to their interests.  In these groups, participants will explore the chosen topic further and develop an action plan to tackle the specific issue.

GIN852 2015 Global Action Network Groups

Education for All (International Christian School)

The issue of education is a very prominent one in third world countries, and a fundamental reason for the cycle of poverty in third world countries. Resolving this issue worldwide would require a vast amount of resources, yet there are things we as students can do in Hong Kong to try and change it.

Wealth Disparity (Christian Alliance International School)

The presentation will comprise of information regarding the socioeconomic effects of wealth disparity and income inequality in Hong Kong, and will expand further into low-income households and poverty rates. In our group discussion, we will cover the fundamental causes for income inequality and solutions that have been proposed in the past in efforts to tackle the issue. We will then explore the group’s innovative proposals and guide them into transforming their ideas into practicality. 

Women’s Rights and Coercion (International Christian School)

The GANG group for Women’s Rights and Coercion will focus primarily on the repercussions of sex trafficking, forced marriage and domestic abuse on young women in South Eastern Asian countries. We will also be discussing and defining rape as well as the impact of underage pregnancies on single mothers.

Infectious Diseases (Shekou International School)
Diseases are affecting everyone around the world, and it’s up to us to learn how to prevent them from taking over and killing us all. Our GANG is going to focus on (G)INfectious diseases, their impacts on the world and of course, what YOU can do to stop them! Together, we can put our knowledge, experience, and resources to the test as we dissect the global issues that are, infectious diseases.

International Labor and Migration Rules (American International School)

As countries are developing and globalizing, citizens of the world are finding it more convenient, and in some instances necessary, to move to other countries. However, governments are not adapting to their new populations and their policies do not accommodate those not represented as their citizens. This GANG will be covering why people migrate/immigrate to other countries, but cannot establish safe livelihoods. We will discuss the policies in place to protect these people, but learn that exploitation is everywhere. Can the world become an inter-connective, safe community?

Disabilities and Special Education (International Christian School)
This group plans to introduce different types of disabilities in Hong Kong through slideshow introductions, simulation games to allow participants to better understand the struggles of the disabled, and speakers who will share about their experiences. Potential speakers may include teachers from the ICS Bridges program and a disabled person who persevered through Down Syndrome and is now a notable dancer. Finally, they will plan an action plan as a group and devise ways to play a part in helping the disabled.


Peacekeeping and Conflict Prevention (Christian Alliance International School)

We will discuss the UN peacekeeping around the world and how effective this is to the society. In addition, participants will discuss whether UN peacekeeping is justified as it might be in conflict with other country’s interest. As for current events, we have chosen to tackle ISIS occuring in the middle east and participants will come up with some plans that UN should do and as well as Hong Kong despite of being in another hemisphere.

Climate Change (Shekou International School)
Climate change, also known as global warming, is considered one of the most threatening amongst the current global issues, linked to many other worldwide problems. With leaders from two different GIN groups, they will bring a wider perspective about this worldwide issue to this year’s GIN852 conference. The group wants to focus on pioneering simple, cost effective, and appealing solutions, because most of the existing propositions to stop climate change are (1) out of date and (2) out of line. The future health of our climate is in our generation’s hands, and we need to pioneer solutions that fit into them!

Pollution and Atmospheric Damage (Christian Alliance International School)

Atmospheric pollution has become a serious global issue as countries around the world start to industrialize and cars become highly accessible and affordable, thereby creating high volumes of pollutants that are currently destroying our health, well-being and environment. We will be looking into countries that has the highest atmospheric pollution in the world, discovering the effects atmospheric pollution has on people’s lives, society and government. Also, finding out how the government is attempting to combat this problem, therefore thinking of ideas and solution that is applicable to this situation.

Environmental Degradation (International Christian School)

A wide range of indicators, from the extinction of animals to earthquakes and climate change, emphasize the urgency of preventing the environment from further degradation. However, discussing about every aspect of environmental degradation would be impossible given the time we are given. Therefore, we have decided to narrow down our discussion focus on the ocean and marine life. We will present the ocean’s past versus present condition and aim to develop a feasible action plan to make a difference.

Biodiversity and Wildlife Losses (International Christian School)

Our group will be covering the causes and effects of biodiversity loss, how the issue has impacted Hong Kong, and ways we can preserve whatever biodiversity we have left. Biodiversity has declined by more than a quarter in the last 35 years, and although this may seem like a depressing topic, I hope we can all become inspired and come up with a feasible action plan!


Racial Discrimination (HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary School)

Cases of racial discrimination can be seen around the world. We would like to investigate the causes and effects behind it, and the conflicts among different people. In addition, we will look into different discrimination cases as to analyse the usual victims and discriminators.

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