Meet the Team

Hear from the five students of International Christian School who are working together to organize this conference!

From left to right: Rachel Tam, Jasmine Yu, Michelle Wong, Adrienne Lee, Shanice Lam

From left to right:
Rachel Tam, Jasmine Yu, Michelle Wong, Adrienne Lee, Shanice Lam

Rachel Tam: Hey! My name is Rachel, and I am one of the five core team members of the GIN852 Conference from International Christian School. I am currently a junior who is struggling to survive the raging waters of 11th grade, but I have the utmost privilege of being educated, and that in itself is an immense blessing that exceeds the difficulties that come along with school. I am also the Head of Communications for GIN852, so if you ever receive an email signed “Best regards, the GIN852 Team,” it is probably just me pretending to be five people at 1 am. Aside from being involved in the GIN852 Conference, I am the leader of the Education for All subgroup of our GIN Club. Education is something I am greatly passionate about, and I anxiously await the day that all boys and girls around the world are able to receive an education that will transform their lives. We have worked tirelessly over the past months to bring this conference to life, and I am beyond excited to share all of our hard work with you! I truly hope that this conference will inspire you to take action—we are the generation that acts. I look forward to meeting you in November!

Jasmine Yu:

Michelle Wong: Greetings, Internet wanderer.  You must have been either a curious soul or clumsy cursor user to have landed on this page.  My name is Michelle, and I’m head of GANGs, which means I spam all the GANG leaders (who have worked incredibly hard for this conference, might I add) with emails and whatnot.  I’m so blessed to be a part of this conference, but even more blessed with privileges that we sometimes take for granted – safety, a family, a home, education, food.  Through this conference, I hope you can learn about issues you are passionate about, make a real contribution to an action plan, and make awesome memories while at it.  Don’t forget to be awesome.

Adrienne Lee:

Shanice Lam: Hi there! I am Shanice, a junior at International Christian School. This year I have the privileges to be teaming with the four other girls, working with generous volunteers, and communicating with outside people and organizations to make this conference possible for any interested students in Hong Kong. I believe that global and local issues are urgent problems that people of all ages can help to lessen. My wish is that people can realize the effects that their actions can bring. Every time we do not recycle, do not turn off our air con, or purchase products made by slaves, something in the world is or will be altered. Likewise, every time we speak for a person’s right, decide to carpool over riding private transport, save scratch paper for later use, we are transforming the earth’s health, but in these cases with positive vibes. I hope during the conference that students can be empowered to do more for our home! Meanwhile, the planning process is accompanied with so much joy; I cannot wait until November 14th, and I will just go ahead and say, SEE YOU THERE!

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