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Years of Impact


Student-Led Local-Regional-Global Impact


We empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally as changemakers who build inclusive project-based sustainable solutions that address our shared global issues.


An empowered global Network led by young changemakers who nurture and mobilize transgenerational communities of local-global citizens to build an inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.

Together, we empower everyone, everywhere!

Student-Led Project Teams

We equip GIN Students with the skills they need to lead today and empower them as global citizens who value, build, and develop sustainable and equitable systemic solutions.

Conferences & Networks

Our local, regional and global Networks gather to problem-solve, collaborate and share how to create lasting impact in our community.

GIN School Communities

GIN Schools nurture teams of GIN Students who prioritize and value civic engagement, lifelong learning and foster relationships that empower our local, regional and global communities.