What We Do When Harm is Done


Reporting Process: Together, we will…


Contact us to report harm: Ashley Sills: ashley@globalissuesnetwork.net

Calling In: We will treat the incident reporting process with the utmost seriousness and take steps to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity. Experiences will be believed, seen, heard and addressed in ways that support healing, empowerment and restorative justice in accordance with the GIN Safety Policies, GIN ethos and GIN Best Practices.

  • Meet with all parties involved to ask each party to  
    • raise concerns and awareness.
    • share your direct experience:
      • what did it look like, feel like, sound like?
      • what is the timeline of events?
      • who is/was involved?

Document the Incident:

  • Incident will be documented in written form to create an account of the incident for further investigation and recourse.

Securely Store the Incident Report:

  • Incident Reports will be stored on secure GIN Shared Drives in secure folders.

Incident will be Reported to Your School:

  • Incident Reports will be shared with your GIN School Counselor.
    • Your GIN School Counselor will follow your school’s protocols.
    • We ask that we collaborate as a team in alignment with GIN and GIN School Safety, Safeguarding and Bullying Policies.
  • Together (all parties), we will look for constructive ways to call in those who have done harm. 

In order to continue as a participating and contributing member of the Global Issues Network, we reserve the right to ask you to:

  • develop an action plan that delineates and describes how you will
    • identify and define your role in the harm that was done and actions you will take
    • accomplish your learning goals
    • show that you have been successful at holding yourself accountable
  • participate in and contribute to the restorative justice learning process
  • do your part to care for and support the healing of all that are involved, starting with yourself
  • commit to continued learning and growth from this experience

We reserve the right to ask that anyone who is not willing or ready to:

  • recognize that harm has taken place
  • take responsibility for their role in causing harm
  • participate in restorative justice practices, learning and healing processes

… step down or away until they are ready to learn and grow.