About GIN

We welcome any student with a passion for making a positive change in their community!

Grades 6-12

What is the Global Issues Network?

Global Issues Network is a growing network of over 500 international, independent and public schools across the planet enabling  student to create and lead project-based solutions to global problems.


What makes our Conferences unique?

  • Student-led conferences hosted and supported by entire school community across the globe.
  • Regional and local conferences are growing, both in number as well as participants.
  • Students from more than 100 nations have been called to action and presented at our conferences.


What makes our Curriculum effective?

  • Empowers every student to take action as leaders, team members, community advocates and problem-solvers.
  • Actively addressing global issues with project based peer-to-peer learning.
  • Focuses on the values of empathetic action, global citizenry & lifelong learning integrating both futurist and design thinking into sustainable projects.

What keeps our Network connected?

  • Spans the globe with physical and virtual spaces linking and supporting  students, educators and alumni.
  • Members of the growing GIN network are committed to sharing lasting transformational projects across the globe.