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Grades 6-12



Global Issues Network at Chief Sealth International

Chief Sealth International High School is in all aspects, a truly international school, working toward a better world. For the past four years, Chief Sealth has created and held a school-wide, weeklong festival and conference centered around global water issues. World Water Week helped students experience various projects, workshops, keynote speakers and learn about global water on many levels. This conference has always been student-lead. A few core leaders worked with Noah Zeichner, the teacher mentor, and another group of students ranging from 30-50 people. This festival has been an experience for the whole community to share.

This year, Chief Sealth is on the road to expanding their horizons by working with the Global Issues Network. They will be hosting an International Conference focusing on 20 different global issues during the weekend of March 6-8.

Continuing to be student-led and youth-empowered, these aspects of Chief Sealth and their international work are cherished and appreciated throughout the school and community. The Chief Sealth population believes it is important to stay humble and true to their International title by incorporating all varieties of globality, from language to environmental issues. The students enjoy a myriad of different topics which is why Chief Sealth is the perfect candidate and so excited to be hosting this conference. Students are active in clubs such as Unified Sports, Green Team, and Key Club and have classes ranging from Ethnic Foods to Business Ethics, Arabic and Mandarin to Global Leadership.

The students take pride in and enjoy the work they do with the future in mind. Chief Sealth’s state of mind all around leaks innovative thoughts, sustainable ideas and international culture awareness oriented goals. Hoping to better their community as well as make as much of an international impact as possible, Chief Sealth prefers to focus on “teaching the one to fish” rather than “giving one a fish.”

Chief Sealth International High School is beyond elated to announce their upcoming conference and would like to urge and support both local and international communities to get involved!