GIN Projects

What is a GIN Project:

A GIN project can take many forms. It is an expression of your passion and a result of effective collaboration. A GIN project is focused on working to address global issues in your direct community, work locally to impact and solve our shared global issues.  GIN student teams develop GIN projects through dialogue and research within their self-identified passion and community.  Student teams are expected to create a sustainable GIN project based on community identified needs and issues while incorporating and tying together the following thinking frameworks to effect change: historical methodologies, cultural perspectives, empathetic action, as well as sustainable design and systems thinking.  Within this process, students formulate their own understanding, expression, and implementation of local solutions to global problems.

Your project can focus on any issue you believe is important and needs to be worked on in your community.  Your project must aim to make real and sustainable change.  You can start with your school community. Remember, it starts with you! Yet, you cannot go it alone.

To make lasting positive change you must realize that this is a joint effort, one that necessitates that you work with people in your direct community and around the world to empower and educate each other; to move forward together.

Below you will find examples of different project models. You can also find many of the projects students are working on if you click on any of the conferences you see on the timeline that have the menu option “Student Workshop Sessions” or “Sessions.”