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Keynote Speaker #4: De Alas Rotas “From Broken Wings”

Location: Cafeteria


De Alas Rotas “From Broken Wings”

Filmmakers Pablo Jimenez, Ryan Mackle, Anabel Martinez, Joel Duarte Martinez, Nicole Howell

In the Fall of 2010 a young photographer from Guatemala went to the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica to investigate the issue of child prostitution. He ended up meeting a 17 year old boy who had been in prostitution since he was 12 years old. This experience sparked a passion in him to start a documentary project that would expose the reality of human trafficking and prostitution in Central America, as well as bring hope for an escape from this injustice that so many are trapped in.

Twelve months later, his vision was shared and embraced by 4 other passionate young people, and as a team, they have come together to use film and photography to show the face of prostitution across Central America. This group of five came to know one another doing mission work in San Jose, Costa Rica, and represent the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and the United States.

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