Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers for the CDS GIN Conference


#1: “De Alas Rotas” – The story of the making of a documentary on child prostitution in Central America

#2: “El Plástico Mata” – The truths about plastic consumption and disposal in the world

#3: Ms. Maggie Chumbley – The stories of children all over the world in movements to eliminate plastic

#4 & #5: Ricardo Destarac and Gail Nystrom – The story of two very interesting humanitarian aid organizations in Costa Rica

#6: Mr. Michael Furdyk – The story of the TakingITGlobal initiative, wishing to empower the youth into getting involved in the world’s challenges

#7: Ms. Karen Visnova – The life of a Costa Rican young woman who went the extra mile to help have a positive impact on others’ lives

#8: Ms. Jennifer Leigh Smith – The story of a woman who left the office to go “hands on” and make a difference in the preservation of the rainforests