Welcome to GIN Costa Rica (Hotel)

Welcome to Costa Rica! Let’s get to know each other!


Upon Arrival:

You will receive a bag for each GIN team member and adviser for all of your learning materials.  Please use this bag during the conference (you may not be let in without it).

What is the story behind your bag?

Your bag was especially manufactured by the women of the La Carpio Sewing Cooperative for the CDS YOUNITY Conference. Throughout these last few months, the Consulting Charity Group has intensively worked together with the cooperative in order to produce bags that are not only environmentally and socially conscious, but also inspired by Costa Rica’s culture. As a result, the front pockets of your bag is made out of reused coffee sacks. The entire project would not be possible if not for the guidance of Gail Nystrom, head of the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation, who cemented the relationship between the La Carpio Sewing Cooperative, the CCG, and the YOUNITY Conference.