Student Presentations Session #5

Student Group Presentations #5

Day: Sunday, April 21st


Country Day School Escazu

Team #3

Rm 3

Fight Against Poverty

Costa Rica is often described as the “Switzerland of Central America.” What is less often discussed is the growing numbers of its citizens that are relegated to a life of abject poverty in its slums, namely La Carpio. Located on a depression in the Central Valley and cut off by deep gorges, the community is virtually invisible for most of Costa Rican society. The purpose of our charity is to sponsor entrepreneurship efforts in La Carpio and help it rise above poverty.

Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Team #3

Rm 5

Sharing Our Planet’s Water

Our group has spent five months working on creating water filters for the people in rural areas, who live in Un Techo Para Mi Pais houses. These people have no connection to municipal water and must walk down many flights of stairs to reach water. Then they have to pay up to ten times more for the water, since it has to be trucked from the center of Lima. The goal of our project is to bring the water filtration systems to them, so that they can clean their own water. Also we are working together with our school to educate students and Techo house recipients on the importance of sanitized water, and show them how simple it is to create water filters so that they can carry on our project. This presentation shows our results.

Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz

Team #2

Rm 7

Going Green

Our presentation talks about how was our school before we started raising awareness and taking action. We want to show the obstacle presented and how we overcome them. Bubbling water fountains were requested and hopefully we will get them. We want to make sure we can have them for the next school years and make sure little kids can drink from them since they are too high for them. Our group also wants to present what we want for the future. Since our school has about 230 students we want to take advantage and change their way of thinking to a more eco-friendly one. Our next goals include soda machine, Gatorade dispenser to avoid disposable Gatorade plastic bottles, and ecological water faucets. We also want to take more into account little kids. We want to teach them in a fun way how to recycle and be environmentally responsive. Go Green!!!

American School Foundation Monterrey

Team #3

Rm 12

Peace Building

We plan on taking further steps by creating a webpage where other people can interact and join our cause. Many people have asked if they can continue this onto other states in Mexico so we decided to make a webpage including an online wall, what are we working for, and a Facebook Page to show others how people do believe in change in Mexico. We will give instructions to the people who want to continue our project in other locations, or to places we aren’t able to go to.

Cloud Forrest School

Team #1

Rm 16

How can we create citizens “who speak the language of a sustainable future?”

Deforestation, particularly that of tropical forests, has been a buzz word in sustainability circles and in mainstream media for decades. It seems that most of us can agree that ceasing the practice of clear cutting rainforest and reforesting biodiversity hotspots is an important task that continues to lie before us. However, how do we combat things like the momentum of economically driven norms, an under-availability of manpower in relevant scientific fields, and a general inability to answer the question, “why, really, do we need to reforest these areas?”

During our presentation, we will highlight the view of the CEC that both education and what is contemporarily termed Citizen Science are pivotal in addressing the many daunting tasks that lie before us as we strive for an environmentally sustainable future.

The American School Foundation, A.C.

Team #2

Rm 23

Reduce or Lose

What if we don’t have sufficient resources? What if our descendants strive for food and water? This will happen if we don’t make a change. How can we make this change? Recycling, reusing and reducing. We can reduce by not using PET bottles and instead using a metal water bottle. Separating the garbage so it can be recycled, promoting all these green initiatives and engaging your school community. Come to our presentation and find out how!