Student Presentations Session #4

Student Presentations Session #4

Day: Saturday, April 20th


The Columbus School Team #1

Rm 3

Fighting Poverty and Education for All

We are going to save the world today with education for everyone by helping to build the Child Development Center in Envigado, Antioquia. We will show how the analysis of global issues is a part of the solution and how the less fortunate population of Envigado will benefit from our craft work. We will also provide sustainability to educational projects. In addition, we will show how a simple craft can provide support and be a part of our solution.

We have been working on this project in the Middle School for a few years, particularly with the 8th grade students. However, this year the project involves all the Middle School students and is directed by the Social Studies teachers with the support of various other subjects, such as Technology, Art and the Christopher Columbus Foundation.

Country Day School Escazu

Team #4

Rm 5

The Tetra Brik Project: Supporting Needy Schools & Reducing Waste

Pollution and poverty are prevalent in our community outside our school walls. Litter lines the streets, while at a nearby school countless children share three classrooms and a few crumbling desks. What can a handful of concerned students do to alleviate these pressing issues? How can we contribute our piece to the puzzle? With these questions in mind, the Tetra Brik project was born. We work with Dos Pinos’ existing initiative “Un Pupitre Para Tu Escuela” to collect Tetra Brik containers and process them into desks, which are then provided to needy schools. We educate the CDS students and their families on the importance of recycling and the social benefits it can have. Our presentation will relate our progress thus far, as well as our past and current challenges.

Our biggest challenge is ensuring that all the systems are in place in order to support the project. To ensure project sustainability, our plan includes assigning each project member their own responsibility that they can be relied on to carry out routinely; drawing in students across all ages so as to ensure that the project is perpetuated in the coming years; and, most importantly, continuing to be visible and active in our school community, thus maintaining enthusiasm, support, and good Tetra Brik habits.

Carol Morgan School

Team #1

Rm 26

Lion Fish

We are working on making the lionfish festival a yearly activity. Educating the communities around us about the problem, and the benefits of errodicating this species.

ASF Monterrey

Team #1

Rm 16

Global Warming

The presentation will begin with an interactive activity called “four corners” where the public chooses whether to “strongly agree” “strongly disagree” “agree” or “disagree”. By performing this activity, the audience will be more engaged with the topic and will be interested to learn how the project works. Later on, several introductions regarding the location of the project and how the idea started will be made. An animation video will be shown in order to show a visual representation of the EcoTwist idea. After that, each team member will talk about an issue regarding the topic and its connection to the issues shown in “High Noon”, some of these are the sponsorship, benefits, implementation and targets toward education.

Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Team #2

Rm 23

Techo Schools

Poverty. What does it mean to YOU? Does it anger YOU? Do YOU benefit from other people’s poverty? Do YOU want to make a change? Initiating a Techo Club in your school and getting involved with TECHO, an NGO that works towards the dream of overcoming poverty, will allow you to do exactly this. It will make you realize that you don’t have to be an adult, a politician, or an important figure in society to make a change. If your up for the challenge, watch the Techo School presentation, to learn how we brought Techo to our school, and how YOU can do the same.

Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz

Team #1

Rm 12

Teen Pregnancy: Sharing our Humanity

Our project is about helping those less fortunate by teaching them everyday skills and giving them a good community. We are in jubilee because we were able to help women that were abused and/or kids who had to grow up too fast because of an unexpected pregnancy. Many of these women deny being raped because they believe their abusers have love or true feelings for them or they are to scared or embarrassed to admit it. The first thing we must do to help them cope or try to get over the trauma is to get them away from their abusive backgrounds and into a safe haven, and this is what we are trying to do with all the obstacles that are found on the way.


Pan-American School

Team #2

Rm 7


Run-Off Mitigation: Pan-American School, Costa Rica

Runoff is rainwater the ground cannot absorb. Construction increases runoff. In Costa Rica property owners are only obliged to direct runoff into the sewer system. Although runoff can carry contaminants, it, like most waste water in Costa Rica, is not treated before flowing into rivers and oceans without treatment. How can runoff be mitigated through small and inexpensive changes made on a large scale? More importantly, what runoff mitigation strategies carries sufficient benefits for property owners that they would choose to adopt them?