Student Presentation Session #1


Student Presentations Session #1

Day: Friday, April 19th



Altamira Int. School Team #1

Rm 3

Teaching Values

Class is the most important influence on educational failure. Its effect on educational attainment is almost three times greater than ethnicity. Children need to learn how to relate to others within society and to conform to the norms and values of that society. This process is known as socialization, i.e., ways of acting, thinking and feeling that are passed on from parents to children.

Our Challenge 20/20 group has created a values program for students of Colegio Vistamar in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico in Colombia. Our group’s purpose is to teach values such as respect, honesty, tolerance, responsibility, and citizenship. Students will develop and practice them in their interactions with others to contribute to a better society.

CDS Guanacaste Team #1

Rm 5

Mangrove Ecology

The presentation will center around the work done by our mangrove mapping elective class. We will examine the following themes and describe the work that our class has done to date and discuss our future plans.

– Examination of biotic and abiotic factors and how they define mangrove communities.

– Establish connections between the mangrove habitats and the larger environment, such as keystone tropical ecosystem, fish nurseries, and energy production.

– Assessing threats to the mangrove communities and their impact.

– Presenting solutions that address the preservation and protection of mangrove habitats by creating global citizens and stewardship through:

– Educational programs for youth aimed at understanding importance, appreciation, and value of mangrove habitats.

– Remediation by propagating and replanting compromised areas.

– Examining our mangrove mapping technology and how it can best be applied to accomplish our goals.

Academia Interamericana Merendon

Team #1

Rm 7

Fighting Poverty

In a city where crime is the norm, a group of teens, united together will fight for a better tomorrow.

Our workshop presents our organization FUNISA as a means to build a better future by making our community aware of social problems, focusing on the poverty of children and children with special needs.

American School of Guadalajara

Team #1

Rm 12

Eliminating Plastic

This project has three parts. In the first part, participants will do a small project to understand the energy demands of plastic. In the second part, participants will learn creative ways to reuse plastic. In the third part, participants will learn how to create a school wide campaign to reduce plastic use at their schools.

ASF Monterrey

Team #2

Rm 16

Education for All

Our presentation is going to start with a general introduction to the Education for All global issue. We will talk about how it is affecting us and specifically how it relates to our project. Our goal is to explain our project while showing how it will change people’s lives. We are going to include a video detailing the results of our project as well as shed light on the emotional aspects of our project. Our conclusion will contain a plan of action for the sustainability and on-going success of our project. We hope our plan will become better with each project, and continue to help those in need.

Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt Team #1

Rm 26

Power of the Sun

The “Power of the Sun” team examined a set of possible alternative energy solutions to reduce the school’s carbon footprint. Does your school have a pool? Could you help your school fight global warming by researching and implementing alternative energy solutions in your own community? You will be surprised at the economic savings that solar energy can bring to a school. Get the inside track on our strategy to develop market competition by encouraging bids from multiple alternative energy companies in the area.

Come learn what the Power of the Sun can do for you.