About ISP

About ISP

The International School of Panama holds true to the ideals to provide a high-quality, international and U.S. accredited education in a multicultural setting, giving young people the tools they need to become self-confident, motivated and responsible world citizens. The International School of Panama is a modern campus that includes up to date facilities to allow the perfect environment for students to grow like the new performing art center with an auditorium that can hold more than 300 students.


The International School of Panama is home to approximately 1,200 students representing over 50 different nations around the world, making it the perfect place to establish the Global Issues Network. The Global Issues Network was first introduced in the International School of Panama in 2014. Since then, the program has come a long way. The International School of Panama’s GIN groups have not only held their workshops in Buenos Aires, Quito and Rio de Janeiro, but have also embarked ideas from other global citizens, enriched their own projects and made them more sustainable. Today, ISP finds itself ready to take the next step, to host its first GIN conference with the goal of inspiring sustainable project


A note from the High School Administration

Dear GIN Community,

Welcome to PANAGIN! When we gave the thumbs up to host this conference this last year we had a hope that the ingenuity and creativity of our student GIN team would produce a dynamic, innovative, and worthwhile conference. After reviewing the final agenda and reflecting on the thousand and one strategic conversations over the past year, I am confident that the students have exceeded the expectations. Frequently, in Panama, we make use of the prefix “pana” as a way to convert words.. so we have “panafriends” & “panafamily” to describe people we met here, we have “panadriving” & “panalines” to describe our frustrations with traffic, and we have “PANAMUN” and now, “PANAGIN” to describe our international conferences that we host at ISP. But pana has meanings in other languages. In Russian it means expected and in Greek it means to be prepared. Our Venezuelan community uses pana (short for panaderia) to call a good friend. So “pana” has lots of connections to what we are doing this weekend.

In this, the PANAGIN conference, where we are celebrating emerging leaders and focusing on sustainability, we have one more meaning for pana. In this context Pana invites us all in, as in “Pan- American” or “Pan-Arab” or “Pantheon“. We welcome all of you to ISP, to Panama, and to this amazing opportunity called PANAGIN. We hope you get as much out of it, as the student organizers put in to it. Towards a better world!


The High School Administration,
James Mattiace, Assistant Principal and Eric Monson, Principal