Paola Gomez Barletta

A proud I.S.P alum, Paola is co-founder of Hecha y Derecha, a social Enterprise with the purpose of empowering women through microcredit loans.  She is part of the diplomatic body of Panama and assistant to the Vice-president and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Paola is Passionate about cultures, diversity and their effect on our identity and our way to see the world.  In the past she has been the Chief of International Cooperation in the Panamanian Institute of Culture, bringing opportunities for Panamanian artists here and abroad; directed an NGO called Tu Panamá Te Necesita, that used social media to have a positive impact on the values of the Panamanian society; and worked with women from indigenous communities in the Darien jungle creating a value chain that reached international markets, she is also a life coach.


In 2014, she was part of Pananueva, where she travelled in a bus through Central America with filmmakers from Europe in order to make a documentary about the reality of the youth in the region.

Whichever the job she always looks for a way to impact in culture, development, and youth and women empowerment in order to reach their full potential.

Paola is a Global Shaper from the Panama City Hub.  This is the World Economic Forum´s youngest community.