Conference Info

Purpose of the Conference

The purpose of this conference is to inform and gather participants to engage in sustainable, effective projects that can allow us to better care for the world. Our goal is to create informed, solicitous global citizens. We hope to see you at Panama’s upcoming conference!



Sustainable Education is the ability to teach the others to notice, understand, and change our surrounding for the better good. Sustainable Education at work is seen by the act of teaching the future generation the mistakes and progresses we have made.

Environmental sustainability is the balance between satisfying the human demand of the environment while keeping in consideration of the future generation. This an be seen by humans converting to renewable energy, tackling the pollution crisis, and finding renewable resource to harvest.

Being sustainably humanitarian incorporates aiding the human collective need like human rights and poverty. We see sustainable humanities when a project aids humans not only currently/short term like donating money but also giving them tools to progress for themselves.

Being sustainably social is is the ability to bring humans together to share moments and experiences to better everyone’s social skills and livelihood. A project that incorporates social sustainability involves people from all social classes and eliminates the differences. It is a project where we forget about the differences and bond just as humans.

Cultural sustainability  ensures that our varied identities, history, traditions, and folklore live on further than our life times. Culture allows us to express ourselves and be proud of who we are not only as individuals, but as a community.