César Rodríguez

Cesar Rodriguez

César Rodriguez


César Rodríguez is a Colombian student that studies at Saint George’s School in Bogotá. He is a tenth grade student and has been involved in several leadership programs in school and with CoSchool. These projects have changed his life, the way he sees his community and the country were he lives. César´s goal is to study law and international relations, and he has a strong interest in national and international politics as well environmental activities and community service.

As a result of getting involved with CoSchool and community service, César sees his community and country in a better way. He has learned to be grateful for the things he has, and sees that there are many problems that affect the majority of the people in Colombia although he believes the differences should not divide people. César notices that despite the social and environmental problems most Colombians are exposed to, they remain resilient because of their dreams and hopes. One of the greatest projects that César has accomplished consisted in simulating the COP 21 environmental debate that took place in Paris last year. César did a model of the COP 21 in Bogota with his fellow students in order to encourage environmental consciousness and education. Like the COP 21, César enjoys leading activities that help the community, and hopes that in the future he will be able to do it at a larger scale. 

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