How To Prepare…

How do I begin?

First, form a GIN Team! It is good to begin by reviewing (both ongoing and possible) efforts focused on global issues with these students and teachers. You may choose one or more of the global issues that are listed on the GIN main site. Global issues are interrelated so if you find that your project addresses more than one issue, great!  As you develop your Action Plan and GIN Project you will closely measure and document your efforts in the coming months. For many of you, it will not be creating more work but celebrating and sharing your efforts to date.

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How do we prepare to attend the conference?

The GIN group should meet regularly. Schools are invited to send a GIN team (or more than one) to the conference. Each team is made up of 2-6 students from Grades 7-12. Two adult advisors must accompany your school’s students, whether you send one or more teams. There should be at least a 1:2 ratio of advisors to teams if your are bringing more then two teams.

Note: We would like to stress that younger students will be expected to bring their passion and focus as they will be required to participate in all aspects of the conference. They must be committed to rising to the many challenges a GIN conference provides.

What are the key responsibilities of the team?

  • The student team is asked to prepare an interactive workshop (wireless will be provided at the conference) on their efforts to address a global issue with sustainable solutions. The team will present this workshop to 20-30 other delegates.

  • Also, each team of students needs to make a short (less than 2 minutes) film about the project to be posted to the website and shown at the conference Film Festival. Make it eye grabbing and fun to watch!

 Student Workshop Guidelines

 Film Festival Guidelines

Film Festival Example

This was our student film when we visited GIN Monterrey in 2015

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