Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement that has more than 7 million supporters who carry out actions and campaigns for human rights (internationally recognized) to be respected and protected. It currently exists in over 150 countries. Every day, somewhere in the world, somebody receives support from Amnesty International.

The stated objective of the organisation is “to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.”

The commitment of Amnesty International is for justice, equality and freedom.

The organization is independent from any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. It is financially autonomous. Its activities are mainly funded by members and supporters, as well as public donations.

Any citizen of the world can become a member of Amnesty International and help make a real difference in the world. The research work allows the discovery of facts and leads to demand for change. It aims to mobilize and pressure governments, armed groups and companies to promote and protect human rights.

For Amnesty International, when the right of a person is violated, the rights of others will be presented with the same risks.


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