Christ Statue

4) Christ Statue (1/2 day – van OR hiking)
• Hiking thru Tijuca Forest (Sector B – Tijuca National Park).
• This trail links the Botanical Garden neighbourhood (Lage
park) to the Christ Redeemer Statue.
• Crossing streams of water and old ruins from the
portuguese empire and coffee plantation era.
• The trail is steep and goes around atlantic forest vegetation.
• Finishing at the bottom of the most famous icon
of Rio de Janeiro, the Christ Redeemer.
Trail: 1h30
Duration tour: 5h
Diffiulty: moderate to hard
Age: 10 years old
Recommended: light clothes, water, sunscreen, camera
bug reppelent and sneakers.
Pick up time: 9.00am or 13.00pm
05 pax: 220 reais per person
10 pax: 200 reais per person
15 pax: 180 reais per person
20 pax: 160 reais per person
05 pax: 230 reais per person
10 pax: 210 reais per person
15 pax: 200 reais per person
20 pax: 185 reais per person

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