RPPN Mitra do Bispo

Sustainability in protected forest areas

The Incentive Program for Natural Heritage Private Reserves (RPPN)of the Atlantic Forest, a partnership between Conservation International and Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest SOS Foundation), celebrated 10 years in 2013! During this period the program supported the creation of 392 new private reserves – 194 already recognized – and the management of other 101 existing reserves, totaling 57,000 hectares protected. RPPNs are protected areas created by the will of the landowner who decides to turn his land into a reservation and assume commitment to nature conservation.

Meet the RPPN Mitra do Bispo, in Bocaina de Minas (MG), in the video below, presented by with Carlos Alberto Bello Simas, owner of RPPN. The reserve has a vast database of images that is used as asustainable alternative use of the area.

Comparing it to a traditional farm, instead of farming machinery, an image-producing farm has cameras, recorders, computers and drawing boards.

The cultivated field is the forest.

The images harvested at different seasons

are stored in digital files.

After being processed through graphic design,

the final product offered to the market 

holds the visual megadiversity of the Altantic Forest.

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