O Instituto Ambientalista Reviverde, The Enviornmental Institute Reviverde,  was created in 2000 with the purpose of advising residential condominiums, shopping, schools and associations about the implementation of selective waste collection.

Considering that each person generates about 1 kg of waste per day, the waste issue has become a major problem in big cities, since only 3% of recyclable materials actually go to recycling.

The Reviverde Institute develops environmental education activities, making people aware about the correct separation of general waste and recyclable waste, through lectures, cleaning staff training, recycling workshops, campaigns, posters and informative speeches as well as papers.

The American School of Rio de Janeiro contributes to preserving the environment by recycling about 2 tons / month of cardboard-post consumer packaging, plastic, glass, aluminum, iron, paper, newspapers, magazines, carton packages. As well as proper disposal of used vegetable oil, batteries, fluorescent lamps and electronic equipment.



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