Hiking in Floresta da Tijuca

2) Hiking in Floresta de Tijuca
• The Tijuca Peak is the National Park summit (1021m)
• Second highest peak of Rio.
• The hike ends up in a 117 steps stairway carved
in the gnaisse rock, built many years ago for the visit
of an European King.
• At the top, 360o view of North, West and South area of Rio.
• Pit stop in the Vista Chinesa to take some pictures on the
way up to the Park.
Trail: 1h10
Duration tour: 5h
Diffiulty: moderate
Age: 10 years old
Recommended: light clothes, water, sunscreen,
bug reppelent and sneakers.
Pick up time: 9.00am or 13.00pm
05 pax: 210 reais per person
10 pax: 190 reais per person
15 pax: 170 reais per person
20 pax: 150 reais per person

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